Richard W. Danler

610 SW 55th St.
Corvallis,OR 97333
541-908-0676 (M)

CAREER FIELD Mechanical Engineering Design, Technical Project Management

INDUSTRY EXPERTISE Consumer Products, Appliances, Toys, Machinery

Seeking senior product design or management position. I am a senior professional engineer skilled in the design of low cost, high reliability, electromechanical and opto-mechanical devices.I have more than thirty years of engineering experience in widely diverse products ranging from sawmill machines to toys, wafer inspection to mine sweeping. I graduated college using a slide rule, I am now an expert in 3D modeling. I was a consulting engineer for eight years,maintaining my own cad system, Unix computer and LAN. I have been a project engineer as well as the manager of small R&D and design departments. I have an encyclopedic knowledge of mechanisms, plastics, metals and most manufacturing processes.



  • Retail Camera Store Owner
  • Corvallis, OR 10/2006- 12/2012
    I was responsible for the daily operations. Including, maintaining the books, computer systems (POS, photo kiosks, digital printers, Mac and PC), advertising, stock. Closed the store 12/2012.

  • Semi-retired
    Corvallis, OR 11/2005-10/2006

  • VP Product Development and Operations
  • ILLUMINANT TECHNOLOGIES Corvallis, OR 4/2005 – 11/2005
    I was responsible for product invention, design and production of a simple medical device used with ultra sound.

  • Senior Mechanical Engineer
  • ATS SYSTEMS Oregon Inc.
    Corvallis, OR 11/2003 - 8/2004
    Machine automation systems for semi-conductor and medical customers. Designed custom semi-conductor equipment and was project engineer for large semi-conductor conveyor project in Shenzhen China.

  • World Traveler 06/2003 - 11/2003
  • I took the family on a 5 month round-the-world trip.

  • Consulting Engineer
  • Wyvern Product Design Corvallis, OR 07/1995 - 01/2003

    With the following clients:

    Scandus Inc. Corvallis, OR 08/2002 - 12/2002
    Designed custom saw blades for a start up company. Provided technical expertise in design and manufacturing.

    Emerald Forest Toys Inc. Corvallis,OR 09/2001 - 02/2002
    Designed a magic wand and magic orb electronic toys for start up company, taking them from pencil sketch to injection-molded parts in two months. Worked with EE to fit circuit board into wand.

    Private Party Palo Alto, CA 01/1999 - 2003
    Developed process and product design for Home coffee roasting appliance. Consulted with UL regarding ultimate approval. Used SLA / silicone molds to produce prototypes.

    PSC Inc. Eugene, OR 07/1997 - 01/1998
    Express mail scanner / sorter concept design and prototype design for FedEx. The prototype was a very large modular sheet metal construction with electronic scales and scanners.

    Profile Grinding Medford, OR 01/1997 - 10/1997
    Consulted on design of a new plywood-patching machine.

    Hewlett-Packard Corvallis, OR 11/1995 - 01/2000
    Inspection fixtures and tooling for ink jet printer cartridges. Most of the work is proprietary, was done for R&D groups.

    Electroglas Corvallis, OR 07/1995 - 06/2002 Designed several silicon wafer inspection systems for 200 mm and 300 mm wafers. I integrated robot, SMIF pod, and air bearing X-Y stage into a complete system. Designed wafer end effectors, wafer handlers, custom optics, machine frames, EMI compliant enclosures, custom cameras.

  • Lead Design Engineer
  • SUPRA PRODUCTS INC. Salem, OR 0/1989 - 03/1995
    Did all mechanical and industrial design for the industry standard real estate keybox. Also designed the companion electronic key. Provided support for manufacturing, including design of gages. Patent holder of a unique solenoid latch. Approximately 5 million sold over the last ten years. Taught vendors GD&T, ANSI standards to improve productivity.

  • Systems Engineer
  • INTELLEDEX,INC. Corvallis, OR 05/1988 - 07/1989
    Robotics systems design including integration and design of custom robotic manufacturing cells. Designs include, end effectors, load cells, light curtains, tracks and vision systems and others.


  • Design Engineer
  • IOLINE CORP. Bothell, WA 04/1987 - 05/1988
    Provided design and manufacturing support for engineering pen plotters. Designed new plotter using aluminum extrusions, sheet metal and injection molded plastic parts.

  • Project Engineer
  • PROMATION INC. Seattle, WA 03/1986 - 01/1987
    Designed and developed fish cannery machinery, using modern concepts and novel inventions to replace 60-year-old designs.

  • Engineering Manager
  • STRUCTURAL INSTRUMENTATION Tukwila, WA 10/1985 - 03/1986
    Was responsible for new product design and technical support for a manufacturer of load cells used in heavy trucks.

  • Project Engineer
  • FLOW SYSTEMS INC. Kent, WA 01/1984 - 01/1985
    Custom applications of high-pressure water jet systems, including PCB routing, paper slitting, abrasive jet R&D, and robotics infeed/outfeed.

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • APPLIED THEORY INC. Corvallis, OR 08/1979 - 01/1984
    Internal consultant and mechanical engineer supporting sawmill automation at Applied Theory. Designed board edger saw infeed, laser scanner systems, LED scanners, 30' scanner gantry, and hydraulic linear positioner. Sized and debugged servomotor systems up to 300 HP. Several of my designs are still being used after 20 years.

  • Hydraulic Model Design Engineer
    HYDRO RESEARCH SCIENCE Santa Clara, CA 10/1978 - 06/1979
    Provided hydraulic model designs of such structures as: dams, pumping stations, and sewer systems. Designed custom instrumentation for analysis of the flow conditions.

  • Senior R & D Engineer
  • JETSTREAM SYSTEMS Hayward, CA 06/1976 - 08/1978
    Was responsible for air conveyor design and development and the R&D facility at Jetstream. Received patents for several conveying systems I designed.

  • Co-op student
  • NAVAL SHIP R&D CENTER Carderock, MD 06/1971 - 12/1975
    Student engineer at the US Navy’s Hydro-Dynamics research Lab.

  • Electronics Tech E5
  • USS WRIGHT CC-2 Norfolk, VA 10/1966 - 05/1970

  • Education
  • University of Maryland, Bachelor's, Mechanical Engineering, BSME
    Studied Naval Architecture at University of Michigan
    Oregon Registered Professional Engineer, PE.